Transforming Soul Walks


Be one of the first five to get to join the Transforming Soul Walks program for a reduced bonus price!

I'm educated in psychology: trauma, depression, anxiety and neuropsychology. Through a CBT (Cognitive Bihavioral Therapy) inspired program, I will help you with tools to change your life and to love yourself. To start healing your soul-wounds and bring in your light and love into your heart. The program is 4 Soul Walks a week (total 90 minutes) for six weeks. Where we are teamed up most of the time during the 60-minute walks, where we work together through the different stages of the program.

The program starts in Malmö on June 24th and ends on July 1. Does this call on your soul? Please let me know!

Let me be of service for you to heal your life!

"My Angel said - Start walking, so I can start blessing!" Paolo Coelho