Can we change the rehtoric

In the world of hate, war and polarization – can we just STOP!

I see it in politics, I see it in the school, I see it on the news, I see it in tv shows – and I see it within the LGBTQi+ and trans community. Telling people, you belong and you don’t.

There are some within our community that is publicly shaming and spreading hate towards others within the LGBTQi+ community and demands respect for their own age and representing a part of the community. WHY?!

I don’t see why we have to humiliate others, shaming others and thinking we have all the right answers. Life is changing all the time, and every generation is growing towards the future and we “elders” within the LGBTQi+ community need to sometimes listen more instead of barking and humiliating the youth.

But, we live in a world of social media where everybody needs to be outrageous and loud to be seen. And sometimes we need to understand that the people that are the loudest and scream the highest on social media – are the once that need more love and support. Because they might not love themselves or are trying to find themselves (in my opinion including the one that are shaming the others). Instead of shaming them, say – I see you - and ask them where they are hurting the most. Take their hands and walk together with them.

So please stop the rhetoric of shaming, hating and exclusion.

With love

Camilla Gisslow

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