My first novel has arrived



I am so happy! So very happy! What a feeling to open the first box of three of the first 500 books. I put aside the very first book to be sent to my elementary teachers Olle Stålbergs wife, Lisbeth. Olle unfortunately passed away in January 2015 and I have always said that my first book was going to be dedicated to him, as he was the one who saw my love for writing and encouraged me to never stop writing - he always said he could see me as a writer one day. Now I am, and the first book, both in writing and physically belongs to him.

Now comes the next phase of this new and unfamiliar road I am on - to market myself and reach out with my book, and not only at my lectures and seminars. I believe so incredibly strong in my book and its message that I do not doubt that it can be an incredible blockbuster :-) If nothing else, I know that the book is needed everywhere - schools, libraries, and in every home. It is one of the most important books that are now out there on the market if I may be so strong in my words.

Now I will celebrate with my sweetheart with a glass of wine <3

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